Saturday, October 8, 2011

Owl be loving you always

Funny how synchronicity pops up regularly. While working on my ofrenda for dia de los muertos celebration,
I came across an owl necklace that belonged to my mother. I plan to put that in the shrine I am building.
Inspiration avenue also chose an owl as the theme for this week. We have owls that live here in this urban habitat in the desert. I just love how nature works things out harmoniously.
We must take care of the natural world and our earth home....always.


  1. Life always manages to find a way. Sychronicity at work here in earthly ways and spiritual.

  2. Hi Gemma.
    We have some owls living here too...all of the sudden...and it isn't ideal. Those damned developers have built up more houses than people want or can afford.
    I heart your owl. Your message. And YOU!!!

  3. Your owl is so well drawn and so clever. I like the shadows you created, too. Your message is quite clear and appreciated. I believe the same.

  4. Now this is fabulous, Gemma! Love the art work, and the words are wonderful.

  5. Owls are so powerful! I have a deep connection with them too. So glad they are close to you.

  6. I love the three dimensional effect of the tree.

    Stay inspired!

  7. The sun is glowing, the gnarled tree with the skulls and lightning flashes in the words makes this very direct and intense, and the blue/green background softens- very striking.

  8. Love this one!! The colors are great, the saying is beautiful - gorgeous!