Saturday, October 1, 2011


One of my favorite places to visit and play is Inspiration Avenue.
This week the theme is Spain.
My entry is a pencil, pen ink drawing with a water color wash.
A Spanish woman wearing a traditional lace veil
worn over a tall comb
known as a mantilla.
Flowers are often worn with a mantilla.
I love to wear flowers in my hair too.
In fact I have one behind my ear as I post this.
It's from my birthday bouquet.


  1. Ole indeed! What a beauty! Thank you so much for joining in so regularly and sharing your talents :)

  2. She looks totally awesome! Beautiful job on the veil! Happy Birthday as well!

  3. I love the textured detail on the veil. Lovely xx

  4. I am supposed to be finishing my entry right now, but I had to visit you. She is so exotic and perfect and wow!
    I had to wear a mantilla to church when I was a girl. I used to pretend it was my hair and I was Cher.
    Stupid kid.
    Happy Birthday Gemma! ♥♥♥

  5. Oh that's odd - I just wrote on my blog at about a dream I had of women very like this, only they were Greek. My dream even had pink in it.

  6. This is one gorgeous Spanish beauty! I love the flowers especially!

  7. Happy belated birthday! I had NO idea what a mantilla was until I read your post. That's another reason I like these IA challenges: you learn so much while reading about the art. Lovely lady, lovely art.

  8. Very nice!
    Stay inspired!

  9. Hey you this is cool. Sorry bout the troubles posting on my blog darn blogger any way huh.
    Thank you for writting me and always good to hear from you!!


  10. dear beautiful and radiant friend,
    many happy returns of the day!
    you and your drawing are gorgeous!

  11. I remember, years ago, when the Church still required that women cover their heads in Mass and men to remove their hats, we would wear beautiful mantillas. Today, whenever I go to a Latin Mass, I have a long black lace scarf that I love to wrap myself in. I love these scarves as a symbol of femininity. Your portrait here is dramatic and utterly feminine.