Friday, October 14, 2011


Inspiration Avenue asks:
What do you fear?

"No fear" was my motto for a number of years.
It still is in a way.
having courage and being fearless
would not help me a bit if I became senile
and could not care for myself.
So I fear
Out-living my usefulness
being a burden on others.

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  1. Look how big and beautiful her eyes are! I fear losing my kids but now you've got me thinking about this too!

  2. What a great message on fear. I never thought about this since I live alone (except for Bleubeard, of course). I really love how you altered this image. It is nice to have a fun image to accompany a fearful event.

    Hope your blogger woes are over. If not, it's good I keep that "anonymous" option, because you are always so positive in your comments.

  3. That face is amazing! You hit me where I live because I have this same fear.

  4. I understand this fear - I try to push it away but it comes back. She turned out amazing - those eyes are fabulous! Her facial expression is stunning.

  5. I hope she lived a full life, aging demands a cruel toll sometimes. She's a snappy dresser, your editing is nice.

  6. You stole my answer!!!
    Darn-it! Now I will look like a copy-cat (my other fear) LOL.
    Fantastic piece, as always.

  7. Love it!!!
    Your image is so sweet!!!

  8. Auntie, is that you?

    I used to fear my auntie, she was gruff but as I got older, she was really just a ball of fluff!
    I love your image!

  9. Powerful post..brilliant image and touching words..

  10. Yes, this is one my fears too.....and what a WONDERFUL way of submitting it!

  11. Oh, my goodness. I just wrote about this fear on my blog today. Synchronicity.

    Love her beautiful face. We should all be so beautiful as we age...