Friday, September 2, 2011

From my Sketchbook

Ordinary everyday things.....
~a jar filled with pencils,
~my favorite little doll
~ keys
~a pair of scissors
~this and that from around the house
~ a Conch shell
My entry for Inspiration Avenue's "Beach" theme this week.
Amanda and Jeff brought this to me when they came back from the Caribbean several years ago.
They actually caught it, cut out the conch that was inside and ate it raw. They said it tasted good.
It now sits in my bathroom with all of my other sea shells and a sand dollar I found.


  1. I like conch chowder but I'm not sure I'd want to eat a raw conch! Your painting of it is beautiful. I like the soft colors and the way you framed it with the blue.

  2. What a fabulous page, Gemma! Frame worthy, I think. Love that border you've dreamed up and you've nailed the conch shell in all its beautiful colors!

  3. I really LOVE how you take everyday items and turn them into works of art. Beautiful entry with lovely colors, and so worthy of this week's challenge.

  4. Such a lovely capture the pale, delicate shell so well.

  5. I don't have anything for this week!
    Pretty illustration, Gemma.
    Are Amanda and Jeff French??? Raw conch, Bleh :(

  6. I love how loose this is and your colours are great. Don't know about eating raw conch though...

  7. No sushi or raw for me, please!

    Your colors in the drawing with the gradations make it very pretty, agree with Autumn Leaves, framing it would be nice.

  8. Lovely study Gemma, the tones in the seashell are beautiful and the border is the prefect finishing touch.

    I'm with the others on the raw conch - think I'll pass - ew ! ;)

  9. This is a beautiful piece. I love the shades and dimension you have used. And the boarder adds a very creative touch.

  10. Great artists think alike... and draw shells! (I'm feeling very positive today!)

  11. Lovely drawing of the conch shell and gorgeous colors!

  12. So pretty, Gemma. I can hear the ocean coming from the shell, just like we are supposed to hear.