Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sunflower sovereignty

As it is with most things there is synchronicity in my life.
This week Inspiration Avenue celebrates Sunflowers.
My entry is a little pastel chalk drawing.

The other day after a promise to myself, I went out and bought Sunflowers.
They looked beautiful in my cobalt blue vase.
Unfortunately they didn't last too long.
Their pretty heads were so heavy they hung down after just a few days.
However it did my heart a world of good to keep that promise I'd made to myself.

~Always keep promises you make.


  1. Gemma, your chalk sunflowers are beautiful! i love the colors that you chose. your bouquet is beautiful, too. but the ones you drew have a bit of "you" in them... so they're a tad bit more fun! sunny wishes to you...

  2. Absolutely gorgeous pastel piece, Gemma. And done with your ability to inject dreamy like no one else can.

  3. You created the most beautiful sunflowers and they will outlast your bouquet. It was good that you kept your promise to yourself and now you have a pastel piece of awesome art to show for it!

  4. Awesome pastel work from the hint of flowers in the background to the very soft ones in front, they are all well done!

  5. This is beautiful, it makes me think of music in nature.

  6. I LOVE your field of sunflowers- this is exactly what I had in mind when I started my painting but my muse refused to listen ;)

  7. This is a lovely pastel drawing Gemma - the blending and softness remind me of Monet a little!

  8. So soft. And happy.
    you are right...
    promises should be kept...
    even the ones to yourself.

  9. Sunflowers in a cobalt blue vase sounds really good - real eye candy. I like your painting, it's nice how the field of sunflowers fades in the distance.

  10. gemma you are a bowl full of sunflowers and promises kept.
    thank you for always speaking straight to my heart.

  11. Lovely field of sunflowers! Your pastel work is beautiful.

  12. I can just see how gorgeous those sunflowers looked in a cobalt blue vase. Oh how I adore cobalt blue vases, and sunflowers - both separately and together! I love the way those colors are mirrored in your painting!