Monday, September 5, 2011

Gray Sphinx

Here is the kitty who has been hanging around our back door.
Yes we fed him and gave him water.
He is a beautiful gray color, very unique looking. I think he is part Siamese.
He is very very sweet. This week he is going to the vet for check up, shots and a flea collar.


  1. Don't tell Don, but I miss not having a cat around the house. Ever since Tanner came on the scene, we have no cats looking to find a home. Yes, we were a magnet for feral kitties at one time. Alas, no more cats except for the neighbor's and he/she is very good at sitting on the roof, peering into our yard and driving T nuts!

  2. Ohhhhh, Gemma will have a new baby in the house!! What will you name him? Much as I know people don't believe in claw removal, I would advise getting those front claws removed, unless of course you plan to let him go outside. We have 3 cats that are indoor cats only. Because of grandkids and furniture damage, we had to remove those front claws. We left the back ones, however, just in case one of them ever gets outside and needs to climb a tree for safety.

  3. A new cat! How wonderful. It will definitely have a good home with you. It knew which house to hang around!

    HB and I have two indoor cats that are spoiled rotten. One of them, LuLu, is a gray cat and she is the sweetest cat ever.