Friday, June 10, 2011


Summer temperatures are rising here in Southwest desert.
The ground is parched and dry.
We are in a drought of several years duration.
In fact it has only rained 1" this year here in the Sonoran desert.

Everything is baking except cupcakes.

This Ocotillo cactus is my entry into Inspiration Avenue theme this week: Baked.


  1. This is beautiful, Gemma!! I love this combination of colors and I'm so glad you gave the name of this plant. I thought it might be a butterfly bush. The blooms are just stunning!

  2. The colors are so beautiful on this one. And I like that plant....never knew what it was called until now.

    I chuckled over the comment about the cupcakes. When it gets hot here I never turn on the oven to bake anything.

  3. Beautiful art, the colours are stunning.

  4. OH I just love this
    This is Shel my computer will not let me do comments today.
    I love this!!!

  5. I love your cactus baking in the desert sun. The colors are heavenly!

    Wish I could give you some of our rain. We have extra :)

  6. HOt HOt Hot!! Great picture. Is that a heat haze?