Tuesday, June 7, 2011


While doing self care the other day,
I wrote down a roadblock in my life.
~my rebellious nature~
Knowing art heals I did this little piece.

In this meadow I wrote my angst then covered it with grass.
I take the path less traveled.
Blaze my own trail....
Is it the best path? Probably not always.
But it is my path and has been good one.
I do not follow well.
Some friendships are under developed because
I can't seem to go with the program.
I never could follow a religion or someone else's beliefs.
My spirit thrives.
The Meadowlark sings in my heart.

This fits the Sketchbook theme this month of pathways.


  1. beautiful. and yes. it is the best path, because it is yours xoxo I would follow it!!

  2. I think that you, Gemma, are blazing the path I want to wander down. As always, you are an inspiration...as an artist and a human. I ♥ U !!!

  3. Gemma, this is a priceless bit of you and I'm lucky to be getting to know you through your blog. This piece is just fabulous and especially knowing the thoughts behind it.