Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's an on going process.
Some days are perfection.
My clothing fits a certain way.
I am assured in my skin.
Birds are singing and love is all around.
I feel happy and have dancing feet.

Other days the opposite is true.
All of my clothing shrank over night.
Nothing fits. There's too much fat on my body.
My imagination runs away and thinks up some horrid scene.
I forget my natural well being.

Is that just the way it goes?
Is it hormones? My diet?
Psychological or Physical?
Still working on it.

Loving my free time right now.
Pondering this and other things.


  1. this is a beautiful affirmation card!

  2. I love this, and can totally relate to it. It's so easy to lose sight of one's own natural well-being amongst all the other voices.

  3. Pondering rarely brings me to a good spot. LOL Flying by the seat of my pants. Love this artwork, Gemma. So peaceful and full of...well...well-being!

  4. Beautiful art. True to the spirit thoughts. What is it that makes us mortals go through this wondering? This up and down thing. This in and out of ourselves journey?