Tuesday, December 7, 2010

new favorite things

Since it is the Christmas season ( my excuse).....how many of you buy presents and things you love for yourself ???? Raising my hand....I do!!! 
Who could resist this awesome St. Nicholas made by artist extraordinaire and my friend Priti Lisa.?

St. Nicholas is one of a series of Saints that she made. 
They are all incredible pieces of art. 
Those of you who love Santos and religious icons should check out her saints.
She also has many other mixed media and fantastic things.
What a surprise when I recieved my package
she included:
Mother Mary

Speaking words of wisdom....LET IT BE! Thank you Ms. Priti for some of my new favorite things.


  1. I left a post earlier but it didn't take. I love Lisa's Saints, they are awesome. Lucky you. I also like your new clouds.:) Have a great Wednesday.

  2. Awww....Thank YOU, Gemma! You filled me up with happiness :)

  3. OH...both are wonderful but I LOVE her Mother Mary piece best of all! Lovely work, Lisa!

  4. That Mary is fantastic. She speaks to me. I can totally see why you have new favorites, Gemma. :)

  5. Beautiful - both of them. Love that Santa.

  6. Wow! I do love this and yes, I am always, lately, buying things for myself!
    Off to see her santos!

  7. Priti's work is magical. I'd love her Lady of Guadalupe. Perhaps I shall.