Sunday, December 5, 2010

It is not likely that we will get snow here in the Senora desert any time soon. I have lived in Arizona for years and have only seen it snow in the desert a few times. We have been having unseasonably warm daytime temperatures. It has gotten cool in the early morning hours, but it has not frozen yet.
 Every year I take that into consideration when I decorate for the holidays. I love blue and white decor. Today I decorated a little tree with blue bulbs and white lights. This large pearl and sequined snowflake
sits on top.


  1. sounds lovely!. This year I bought all blue and white wrapping paper. Its snowing gently right now. I'll enjoy it for you...

  2. And you redecorated your blog blue and white, too, Gemma! (Or maybe I'm behind the times and you'd done it before?)

    For most of my childhood, my mother had a blue/white/silver tree, with homemade touches like snowflakes hand-crocheted by my grandmother & blue glass balls with silver spirals hand-drawn by yours truly (reminds me of your feather in the sidebar). It's a great color scheme for the wintry season, even in a place without snow. :)

  3. I like blue and white, too. In fact, I'm looking at these fluffy white clouds on a sea of blue on you blog. Love them.