Saturday, July 17, 2010

Soul Collage and Reading

2 things

Here is this weeks entry for Inspiration Avenue.
I made this card before discovering this weeks theme: Books.
Love the synchronicity.

The card shows me surrounded by books. There is a lit chandelier on my head.
Books enlighten me. I am dressed in zebra skin to represent the wild natural world. A fire is burning in an ancient vessel. It represents a guiding light, lamp of knowledge in an atmosphere of intellectual freedom. There are no windows in this room.The books are the windows.

"A good library is a palace where the lofty spirits of all nations and generations meet."Samuel Niger

On my nightstand:
~Sound of Paper (it's always there I read it every night)
~Gardens of Italy
~Portrait of Unknown Woman (just finished)


  1. "There are no windoes in this room. The books are the windows."
    This piece is so flippin awesome! I can't tell you if I enjoy the art or the words more...I should try to describe "why I did what to who" it makes the piece so much more personable. Bravo!
    That quote of yours...if I feel the need to borrow it...I'll ask. It is wonderful!

  2. I love the comment about books being "windows." How very true and how very enlightened! Love this piece, Gemma, and all your meanings behind it.

  3. what a fantastic and well thought out piece! "the books are the windows" ~ perfectly put!!

  4. I love this, beautiful words and rich imagery alike - really interesting work!

  5. The golden tones set the mood for this piece. I love the chandelier of enlightenment on your head as well as the glowing lamp. I could lose myself in a room full of books. We can see more through them than we can with windows; I totally agree with you.

    How I wish I could collage like that. Any tips?

  6. "Love the book "The Sound of Paper"-my introduction to Julia Cameron! How was "portrait of an unknown woman?" Yes I am a AZ resident making a brief stopover in Germany-I return home July 30 (Chandler to be exact!)

  7. My favorite part:

    "There are no windows in this room.The books are the windows."


  8. Hi Gemma. (Fellow Bibliofile)
    Your entry is so rich and intricate! Good job!

  9. This is one of my favorites yet!!!