Monday, July 19, 2010

Intuitive browsing cut and paste

In my art/play room lately I've been thumbing through old magazines.
National Geographic and Smithsonian have images that speak to me.

soul collage
What does it say?
She is dancing in mid-air.
Her heart soars.
Perhaps it's a dream.

She is partially hiding behind the curtain.
Gypsy travelers are in a horse drawn cart on the road below.
The empty jug holds possibilities for the journey.

It really is amazing the things you see after you start looking deeply into these cards. For example at first glance I didn't see a horse drawn carriage and travelers on the road. There are other little things somewhat meaningful to me. Life is good.

Fun on a hot summer day.


  1. I love that idea, Gemma. Soul collage.

    I did something like this a few years ago. You may have inspired me to get the glue stick back out. (Well, the glue stick would be long past dried up, but I have moved on to gel medium now anyway. ;)

  2. You can't beat a "life is good" comment! Love this collage. The ballerina is my favorite part!

  3. Oh how wonderful! I'm thinking I should get out my scissors!
    I love the dancing and the possibilities!

  4. I like the color mixed with the black and white.
    Soul Collage. Great idea :)

  5. I like the little often overlooked details, like the travellers on the road.
    Things we look at but cannot see, they change our lives.

  6. I really like this kind of art collage.

    We just went to a gypsy jazz concert Monday, so your gypsy travelers speak to me. :)