Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wine Glass Wednesday
hostess: Pritilisa

One of the greatest wedding gifts Lee and I received all those many years ago,was a picnic basket. The basket came with: a bottle of wine,2 wine glasses,cheese, bread and some napkins.

Would you believe we still have the wine glasses?Being practical we took paper cups with us when we went on a picnic. Why were we always so practical?

Later after all the children were born we needed a big old honking ice chest,boxes of food,beer for Lee,fishing poles,extra clothes,first aid kit,and all kinds of things that made these outings a chore for moi.

Now however I do enjoy using the basket again.Usually with a daughter,a sister or a friend.
Grab some fruit,some cheese,crackers,stop and pick up some wine and head to Sedona.
Even cheap wine seems to taste better in pretty glasses among gorgeous scenery.


  1. Isn't it funny how something so simple can bring such pleasure. We used to go to the mountains and take a bottle of wine, cheese, fruit and a loaf of bread. Just the other day, my husband asked why we don't do that anymore. I told him we would do it very soon.

  2. W0W, I really wish I lived closer to you. I'll bring the sun-dried tomato/basil bread :)

  3. Oh girl! What a gorgeius photo!..Ijoined in on Wine Glass Wednesday week ! Love you..let's drink a glass to each other..a'sante!

  4. Doesn't everything taste better outdoors?
    I once owned a basket like that, but more.

  5. It looks so romantic, so classy and simple. I'm glad you're enjoying the basket now, Gemma. Maybe, like a good wine, the experience has become even better with age?

  6. Thanks gemma for your kind words on my blog. I too enjoy wine much better in proper glasses. Love your basket.
    I visited Sedona about 10 years ago now - absolutely loved it!

  7. I always wanted a wicker picnic basket like that. How cool that you still have the wine glasses!

  8. gemma, that is a very inviting picture! what a lovely basket!

  9. I like the way you are thinking!
    I have returned to blogger after my dalliances with others.

  10. Hola Gemma. I have a basket just like that. It's great for outings. I love yours. Happy wine glass day to you dear Gemma. Enjoy.