Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Round Robin

I had fun working in Susie's book.
A Renaissance lady...
gathering rose buds along her journey of rediscovery and creation.

The heart is made of sculpty clay then baked and painted,
included black lace, silk fabric and other bits and bobs.


  1. That is very very nice. You are having so much fun. Have a great Thursday Gemma.

  2. What a rich and beautiful page. The painting of the woman is stunning!

  3. Oh, wow! You have done a great job! It is fun to see Susie's book, the first one I worked in!
    Looking forward to seeing your book come my way soon!

  4. I love the romance of this... wondering if I get to see this or if I worked in it already.
    hope I get to see it in real life.

  5. This sounds like so much FUN!
    I would like to find a group to join!
    Tat maiden is lovely :D XoX