Thursday, June 17, 2010

Illustration Friday


Earlier today my friend Tinker posted about a special Illustration Friday.
It is about the ripple effect of the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico.
The project: draw a 2.5 x 3.5 card showing the animals in the gulf.
These cards will be used as a fund raiser to help clean up efforts in the gulf.
Please click on links to read more about it.
I call this one Oil Mustache.


  1. It is very sad what is happening to our sea creatures and land creatures. Very nice work. Have a great Friday Gemma.

  2. A gorgeous card, Gemma. I'm off to check out the link.

  3. terrible day 60
    of the Gulf Oil Disaster
    just off my state
    has me feeling less than hopeful


    i thank you, gemma,
    for YOUR efforts...
    {{ such a sad looking
    ~~but still handsome~~
    you are trying to help }}

    off now to follow your link ♥

  4. great title Gemma.
    great work.
    it's just so heartbreaking.
    am i wrong for trying not to think about it?
    i am so frustrated, i want to scream.
    but here i am like an ostrich trying not to see.

  5. He's quite a looker, Gemma. Wish such a distinguished gentlefish as yours didn't have to wear an oil mustache, though. It's sad to think of what it must be like. Hoping and praying for healing for all in that area. Here's to these little ripples making a difference~xo

  6. I love this idea.. I bought one already but would also like to create one.. will go see again if it is too late..
    [I have an idea involving prayer flags..posting about it later] xo

  7. Beautiful work, my friend. What a sad situation but what a great way to help out!

  8. This is wonderful's a great way to do something about an otherwise helpless situation.

    Very clever.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog today xox

    love ya,
    Violette xo
    oh....and i miss you 2!

  9. I'll definitely check out the link, Gemma. It's heartbreaking what's happening down there. I can't stand the thought of those majestic marshes dead and washed away forever.

    Friends of ours went to their family's cottage on the coast of Alabama... and were unable to get in the water. It was their toddler's first trip to this property the family's been visiting for decades, and we all wondered if he's ever going to see the ecosystem restored to what we were fortunate to experience all our lives.

  10. This whole Gulf Oil Spill is so tragic. Sometimes I can't bear to watch the news coverage when they show the birds and how they're suffering.

    Love your fish....and the project is definitely a good one.

  11. I love the card and the idea of helping this way. Going to check it out now. Thanks for the link, Gemma.

  12. I am the happy recipient of this lovely card. I sincerely wish I had received it for another reason! But thank you for sending it so quickly.