Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One cloud

The other day I saw a single cloud in the sky.
It wanted to be painted.

Then there was an imaginary lady sitting in a garden. She was enjoying the day with her animals.
So I painted them too.


  1. Nice artwork! Makes me want to be there. Ah!

  2. That's a nice garden. Great painting Gemma. I always like the softness of your paintings. Have a great rest of the week.

  3. This art hop thing is fun. I did not participate but contrary person that I can be, I started from the bottom UP. Tag! You were it. I love the little garden you have created here.

  4. I love the gentle whimsy in this one, Gemma. Hope the summer vacation is treating you as beautifully as your painting would suggest. :)

  5. Gemma, this is such a pleasing painting. Your palette, your composition, your subjects...Gentle whimsy is a good description. I love this one!

  6. I saw the most wonderful cloud the other day.

    I thanked god. You did too.
    I simply love You.

  7. That kitty is the very essence of my late Dusty girl.

    We have scary, fierce clouds and storms today. The tornado siren went off this morning but it was a false alarm. Here's to single, perfect WHITE clouds.