Monday, August 8, 2011

Learning to paint from within.....
Let me introduce you to The Goddess of Divine Contentment.
She is painted with twinkling H2O's, metallic gold paint and her heart sparkles with glitter.

Painted for the Artful Gathering class, "Our Lady of the Divine Spark", by Shiloh Sophia McCloud. 
It  has been eye opening. (which could be why my goddess has such big eyes)...
(don't know why she has big lips)lol
I am learning how to  throw away the critic, invite the muse in, think about what I treasure and want more of in my life....and pray as I paint. Putting those emotions on the brush and in the paint as I scrub it on the page.
In the past  I often listened to my intuition as I did art, but not always.

Maybe she doesn't exactly look content....I like her more for the feeling I got....
When I painted this I was thinking about one particular day. It was sunny, flowers were blooming,nothing special was going on, but I felt content.


  1. She is beautiful, Gemma! Please send her on over here. I could use a good dose of contentment!

  2. Gemma, she's incredible! I didn't know you were taking Shiloh's class, too. Isn't she amazing? I still haven't had much time to devote to it but next week things are going to clear up for me and I'll have more time to devote to the class.

  3. This is absolutely awesome art Gemma. Beautiful!!

  4. well

    heart sparkles with glitter

    when i gaze
    The Goddess of Divine Contentment
    her Wide~Eyed
    approach to the world...


    {{ oh happy day }}

  5. Love the and golden...
    I am drawn to her heart, her halo, and her holiness.

  6. She is sooooo beautiful! I love her big eyes and big Kelly Lebrock lips! Remember her? This painting certainly does evoke a feeling of holy peacefulness. I love that you've made it glow! And I really love that you've given us a Goddess of Divine Contentment!

  7. oh gemma,

    what could be better than painting all that is holy? so lovely gemma and your heart is shining through out.

    i have only just opened my thoughtful joyous gift from you. i cannot tell you how deeply i am touched. i am going to hang this fruit laden image of "my dreams realized" by the thoughtfulness of you.

    today being an auspicious day i waited patiently.
    i love too how you sign your name, nestled into the horizon of grass.

    i love you gemma!