Thursday, August 4, 2011

Laden with fruit

"...i dreamed my feet suddenly became roots that drove deep into the earth and into the sky my arms became branches...and suddenly i was an ancient fig tree..laden with fruit."

A friend told me a dream she'd had.
I did this little painting for her.
It is my entry into Inspiration Avenue 
"Tree" theme this week.
Couldn't let a tree theme go by
without participating.


  1. you are a true tree Goddess xo I love you xo
    I often see myself as a tree, when I meditate.. something I learned from Starhawk xo

  2. And there she is: Daphne! Lovely and so whimsical, Gemma. Your colors are exquisite!

  3. I LOVE your beautiful fruit tree. She is gorgeous with her proud heart. Talk about forest for the trees! I did a double take.

  4. So utterly charming! What a creative idea - love her little root feet :)

  5. dear gemma,
    beautiful painting!!!

    this is what i love about the heart of you.
    when i have had the pleasure of giving to receive with such grace. only to multiply the love within the gift, and shower it a hundred fold in every ones direction.
    you are a conduit of all that is good.
    thank you for giving my dream roots. for inspiring everyone around you. for holding up a mirror where every ones reflection is oneness and light.

    how blessed am i to know you.

  6. Wow, I wonder what that dream means. Being grounded and fruitful I suppose. Interesting. Great illustration Gemma.

  7. Your tree goddess is beautiful!

  8. I like this one alot. Whe nI first saw it, it made me go,"Aw!"

  9. Wow, what a dream! I think, all things considered, it is a very good dream. Your illustration is amazing! I love her up-stretched hands and rooted feet. Also her happy expression.

  10. A beautiful illustration of a lovely dream. I love her face, she seems to be so content.

  11. Oh WOW gemma - this is amazing! Such a feast for the imagination, delight for the storyteller in me and a beautifully created adorable painting. I bet your friend is (or will be) very pleased and will treasure this painting!

    Kat Xx

  12. As a member if IA, and participating in the weekly challenges, we are all bearers of beautiful fruit. Thank you sharing your beautiful submission and your "fruits" with us. This is a lovely reminder ~ well done and a perfect submission for this week's challenge.

  13. This is a wonderful painting, love the idea behind it of illustrating the dream, and the sense of joy and peace you've captured!

  14. She's a beautiful tree, so blessed and bountiful.

  15. This is just beautiful, Gemma! And what a wonderful dream that sounds like, too!

  16. This is beautiful, Gemma. I love the sentiment and the execution of that sentiment!! Very appealing blog... I will be back!!