Wednesday, March 9, 2011

South African woman working

Virtual Paintout  is in South Africa this month. 
The thing I really enjoy about VP is finding interesting people to draw/paint.
My recent VP subjects have mostly been human rather than architecture.
Here is a slightly smudged little color pencil and pen drawing of a South African
woman on Solomon Tshuku Avenue  Cape Town, South Africa.
It's wonky and the perspective isn't quite right but it was fun.
I've included the link so you can explore this street for yourself.


  1. What a mood this one creates, Gemma! I love that. Before checking the link, I was reminded of the U. S. and colonial women, maybe even a Pilgrim woman baking bread or washing dishes or laundry. Then I clicked on the link and now I get a whole different sense from this one. I love how you think!

  2. gemma i love this.
    tender and moody...takes me there.

  3. You have done an amazing job on this, Gemma.

  4. I love wonky, Gemma. Wonky is good; pretty much like life. And she is so lovely; seems so at peace with and in the rhythm of her work.

  5. Very human feeling, and I enjoy the muted color. Good one. Found it at VP.

    Describing it as "wonky"(lol!) proves that you do have a good sense of perspective. The smudge to the top left of the table actually helps balance it out a bit, methinks.

  6. This reminds me so much of PA Dutch art, Gemma,
    Ye olde komforts.