Saturday, March 12, 2011

Black,White,Pink Puzzle

Here is my entry for Inspiration Avenue theme: Black,White, Pink.
A puzzle.
All the pieces are there...
but she is uncertain.
Should she wear her Pink tutu with the Black sequins or the White faerie wings?
Such a perplexing problem.
She'd rather try to solve this one
than the problems of the world right now.


  1. I love your humouur! Decisions decisions eh? What a puzzle indeed!

  2. I rather like the way WrightStuff stated her thoughts on this one, Gemma. I add a hearty amen to her words. She reminds me a wee bit o' Marilyn Monroe too...(the pink lady, not WrightStuff)!

  3. Sometimes it's all too much to think about...
    Why not wear both? Sounds like a magical combination.
    love to you Gemma

  4. I think wearing them all together is a great idea too!

  5. Ooh she's lovely - what a glam submission! Great idea to make a puzzle - clever, fun and original :)

  6. I love the words you've written to match the art - very amusing & clever!

    Kat :-)

  7. Great puzzle. I too think wearing them all together is puzzle solved. :)

  8. What a fun way to cover this....

  9. Such a great take on the challenge! And since it is so difficult to decide, I think they would all look lovely together as well :)

  10. very fine tuned piece.
    perfect entry.

    welcome sharing your poetry with us,
    first time participants can share 1 to 3 old poems or poems unrelated to our theme.

    Happy Monday.