Monday, October 11, 2010

Walking in this world

There is a Fall break from school so this is a week off for me.
Our weather turned lovely overnight....just in time to enjoy freedom.
This morning I went for a walk and made plans.
~doing art
~going to spend a day in Sedona.
~Prescott and Flagstaff  are also on the agenda for later this week.
~soul care
~doing things I love
~I'll read some but saving that for bed time otherwise I'll get stuck in a book and won't put it down.
~Also be around to visit you soon.

What are you doing this week?


  1. oh Gemma, a break while it is beautiful! How magically delicious!
    You know, reading outside in the fall is as close to heaven as can be...for me.

  2. Sounds like you have a fun-filled week planned. Mostly this week I'll be trying to keep my creative juices flowing after such a long art slump.

    I completely understand about saving the reading for bedtime. I do the same 'cause if I read during the day I don't want to quit.

  3. Have a great break Gemma. I have so many of those cacti in your photo. I remember getting about 3 from my dad many moons ago and last I counted there are about 40 or so in my back yard and guess what, I don't even know their name. :) Enjoy your time off. Take care.

  4. Oh I forgot, I will be running to the post office, posting my books either on Etsy or my blog, meeting up with a few friends to discuss the passing of one of our friends, and other stuff like painting skulls and a little work on the studio.

  5. Hi Gems... I know you will have a lovely few days off! Tell Sedona I love her and will be back some day.It got a bit cooler here today, yesterday was hot as Hell.

  6. I have a tee shirt from Flagstaff. Has a pic of a pig riding a motorcycle. Daughter bought it for me when we stayed there and ate at a BBQ restaurant. I have never worn it and it sits folded in the drawer. Way too big, even for jammies cause it's thick material.

    Here, just enjoying the cooler weather. Can you imagine... it is already snowing in Vermont!!!