Saturday, October 2, 2010

Uncalled for

What is uncalled for?
Is it this "too much Birthday cake"
self portrait?

Original was nude.
Or is it the purple lingerie that is uncalled for?
 Perhaps both.
 For more  uncalled for things please visit:
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  1. Hmmmm, she does look like she had too much cake. Must have been pretty good though. Tee hee. Great painting though, I think it's great and I love the purple lingerie. Have a great Sunday.

  2. Great painting! Love the variety you have got in the flesh tones.
    P.S. Birthday cake is never uncalled for!

  3. I like this! lol! I agree with Angie, though ~ you should always have birthday cake!

  4. I Love the thong...As long as you can see the can still eat more cake!

  5. You must have used me as your model for this piece! Right down to the tight fitting lingerie. Very cute piece for this challenge. It really put a smile on my face.

  6. great laugh after some of the more sombre pieces - and I agree with others, birthday cake is a mus

  7. Not even considering too much cake (I agree with priti.lisa's comment), it's an awesome piece of art, thought provoking and real. Love it.

  8. Very cute! I can certainly relate ....

  9. Love the pic and thought behind it. But I don't think to much cake. Congrats on your win by the way.

  10. Great job on the skin-tones! Nice perspective too...nah, you can never have too much birthday cake. :)