Monday, September 27, 2010

tea time at gma's

Atille's little dolly
sits on a table. 
She joins us for pretend tea.
Tille tells me all about her dolly
baby baby baby Oh,
and her dolly's
little invisible pet dog.
Tille hands me some pretend cookies
I pretend to eat them
then she says to me
"Gma you just ate my dolly's dog"



  1. I loved pretend tea parties with my grandma. we use to wear grand hats and long dresses.. well mine was long cause it was one of hers :)

  2. ROLF. How could you do that, Gma? Now you'll have to go buy a puppy. A REAL one!

  3. Kids are so cute and they say the best things. A pretend tea party with pretend would be easy to mistake a dog for a cookie especially if they were animal crackers!

  4. LOL!
    She's a little comic :D
    I wonder how many imaginary animals I've eaten while I am huffing up a hill...
    I'm still considered a vegetarian tho, right?