Thursday, October 28, 2010

sacred tree

This photo is the courtyard in front of the school library where I work. You can see the shade and grass where students sit & read, do art, science experiments and a variety of things.Across the way you can see the outdoor stage with a rainbow mural painted on it. Occasionally there are stage productions while students sit on the lawn.

Today some men came and cut this tree down. They said it was leaning and was dangerous. They want to put desert landscaping in the what you can see in the foreground. Let me be the first to say that tree was sturdy! Anyone could climb out on a limb and be safe and sound. The landscapers plan to kill all of the grass and cut the rest of the trees before adding the gravel. Just found out about this "school improvement plan" today.

I am SICK!

An 8th grade boy came by the library this afternoon and told me his grandma and grandpa's initials were carved in that tree. It was where they had their 1st kiss.


  1. It's such a beautiful tree. How sad.

    Gravel won't be very conducive to sitting and enjoying the day....and now with no shade from the tree who would want to sit out there!!

  2. that makes me very, very sad :(

  3. How stupid! Let the kids fall on gravel and and rock and really hurt themselves. Sounds like something my old school district would do.

  4. I'm sorry Gemma. That is awful news. It was such a lovely, serene looking tree and I know the kids loved it. Kids love trees. This is sad!

  5. This is sad. Does desert landscaping mean cacti???
    Gee, that sounds safe. Sitting in the shade of a cactus, on some gravel...looking for an oasis....
    Sheesh! How can you be in grade school and already be remembering the good old days?
    I am sorry.

  6. Oh geez gemma, now I'm really sick! How could they! That tree was beautiful. I'm sorry gemma. There are trees that we should just not cut down and this was one of the and the little boy who made the comment about his gp's, wow. Even he knew the importance of the tree. Sorry.