Sunday, October 24, 2010

Casa far Away

While virtually walking through the charming little town of San Miguel de Allende Mexico, I came across the Casa far Away.  Big smile! The red door and the sign called me to paint it for this months virtual paint out.

The town of Miguel San Allende has wonderful architecture. Many of the buildings are painted bright colors. There are a lot of artists living there, very inspiring. Please stop by  Virtual paintout to see other paintings of the town. Maybe you'll even want to stroll down the streets of San Miguel on the google street map.


  1. I love this! maybe oneday you will be able to do a lovely little piece of art about Villa Maria and the aubergine door :)
    your artwork is so beautifully simple - I love it!!!

  2. A red door! Very eye-catching and I love your painting of it.

    I like to "travel" using Google Earth.

  3. I've never done the google travel, I don't know how but I sure would love to see
    the streets. Billie at billie's blog lives in San Miguel de Allende. Beautiful red door. I had thought of painting my studio door red but opted out. Nice painting,

  4. Beautiful..and so cool..thanks for the link! I am off to check it out..yay!

  5. I love these virtual paintouts that you do! You seem to find wonderful subjects!
    I love doors! Especially red, or blue!