Friday, September 17, 2010

Meditative walk

Walking in the morning,
Serenaded by birds.
Amazed by natures gifts.
Lost inside,
Intricate cacti details.
Inhaling a scent.
Star Jasmine
A whiff of bitterness
 Pair well together.
Without thinking 
I caress smooth green bark.
The sounds of fall rustling
In the desert.
A rooster crows.
I stop for water.
An orange.


  1. Gemma! Thou art a poet, what a beautiful spot to live. We all have a priti spot...if only we would stop to see it...
    Tons of X's and ohs

  2. Gemma, you definitely are a poet. I used to write poetry and in fact it was my thing so to speak. I have a lot of poems that I wrote and may start posting one a week. I would have to dig them up and who knows where and in what room they are at. I love that cacti pathway. That must have been a very nice walk and to top it off with an orange, oh boy that was good. Thanks.

  3. yes, a poet for sure. a romantic. a beautiful soul & a best friend oxox thankyou