Saturday, September 18, 2010


From a pod to a crone

~The wee one is already a Goddess but it will take many years for her to learn this.In time she will crawl out of the bunting pod and become a Goddess child.
~During her childhood years, she will learn about about magic,dancing, mother earth, animals, angels,and she'll have fun following butterflies and faeries and things that sparkle.
~On becoming a Goddess she remembers the ancient fire & the other world, the house of Sidhe and she is enchanted with light and music. She is full of wonderment for healing and herbs, bells, intuition, moon time, and all of the gifts of nature, in this abundant life. She trusts herself, the directions, the elements, she holds many keys, and opens her heart fully.
~The Goddess years are long and full of service keeping her sanctuary whole, and keeping time with the seasons.She continues to dance and make music.She is in tune with nature,has a useful and beautiful garden,
a friend of the birds and bees and trees.
The wind whispers her name, the sun shines and the moon glows for HER.
~As more time goes by the the Goddess earns the right to be called Crone. During this stage of metamorphosis, knowledge  is passed down to younger ones. The Crone is fierce. She is the wisest of all.Never under estimate the oldest among us.

Thanks Inspiration Avenue for this challenge.


  1. Ooooh how wonderful. I love this post and the steps of getting to Crone. May I have some tea please? I need to re-read and pretend I'm a goddess. :) Take care and have a great weekend. Beautiful paintings of the steps.

  2. Great Post Gemma, since I am a Crone now I loved seeing this...

  3. Gemma, the hair of the Crone ROCKS!!!

  4. Your interpretation of this challenge is gorgeous. Your painting just jumps off my screen. Each of the stages you depicted in both words and the image are inspiring and so beautifully crafted. Lovely, lovely!!

  5. Wonderful story with your painting. So much insight.. As I get older and see life with experienced eyes, I am realizing there is so much out there to learn.. And the first sentence of your story is a truism that I feel I am starting to understand! So I relate to your Goddess for my own growth. Wonderful!!

  6. GOR-GEOUS! Fabulous art..and of course i loooove this Goddessy-theme you chose..and enjoyed your inspiring words..magical..wonderful..magnificent! Shine on!

  7. This painting is on my list to paint...but you have painted five...I only sketched the three.
    You are a young, young goddess in crone's clothing.
    I adore you, Gemma!

  8. Wonderful. Love the painting and the concept of it. Love Hugs and Blessings