Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hibiscus at the front door.

A  friend once told me I should never  plant a Hibiscus near my front door. 
In her culture it is believed
if a young  girl is  living in a house where Hibiscus grow near the front door;
She will never marry.

We used to have an exotic Hibiscus plant. It's gorgeous flowers
were perfect for wearing in our hair.
The plant flourished near the front door at gemmashouse.

The spell worked for a long time.
There were a lot of young boys courting
No one acceptable
Our precious daughters. 

One year the Hibiscus got sick. Don't know if it was too much water,
or too much sun,
that killed it.

Both girls are married now.
I miss my daughters and the Hibiscus flowers in my hair. 


  1. How interesting! My Mum and Dad have hibiscus shrubs growing at their front door....luckily they don't have any single females living with them any more ~ ;)

  2. Gosh! Wish I'd have known that a few years ago! I'd have planted a few! LOL Beautiful photos and wonderful thoughts, Gemma!

  3. Life is strange that way. Sometimes when we get what we want, something with a sadness comes hand-in-hand. Such mysteries we live.

  4. What a lovely little tale -- and even more charming for being true! Almost like a fairy tale. I'm fond of hibiscus, but never had enough of them to borrow one for my hair. It sounds so exotic. :)

  5. I love Hibiscus too. I had two last year and they didn't make it. Beautiful flowers. I love what you wrote dear bloggie amiga and I'm sure your daughters think of you every day. :)

  6. Sending you love love love my friend...I've been away and miss all my blog friends.
    Life goes by in a whirl sometimes please forgive me I do think of you so often!!!
    I adore you so much and hope to one day get back to Phoenix to see you xoxoxoxo

  7. Oh, those beautiful Hibiscus blossoms. They are lovely. We used to vacation in Myrtle Beach and they were everywhere.

    I've never heard this story about them, but it's kind of romantic. When my granddaughter nears marriageable age, I'll have to remember to tell her parents about this. They will more than likely want to keep her with them as long as possible. Ha!

  8. I think the time has come for you to go pick a hibiscus & wear it in your hair once more.. xo

  9. Sweet story. You need a hibiscus for your hair now to celebrate your good news. My mother used to grow hibiscus. She would cultivate them and put them together somehow to create new colors and sizes. Altho an amateur, she had many, many hibiscus that she "created", but my favs were always the peach colored double hibiscus. The yellow dust on the stamen (is it called that?) will stick to your nose and turn it yellow. Around our door we didnt have them. Instead, we had prickly bouganvilla on a trellis and I was always getting stuck! Maybe if we'd had hibiscus there I would have stayed single. That would have been ok. Then!

  10. Time to buy a hibiscus for your front door so you can have flowers in your hair all the time!