Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Completely Charmed
Earlier this year I joined an Alice in Wonderland charm swap. Each of the 25 participants made charms.
Today they arrived completely charming...

To see more about the charms we made and other artists individual charms visit Michelle's blog at Faerie dust dreams.
What fun!!!
My 3 year old Grand daughter Tille was mesmerized. She wanted tea immediately from the tiny teacup charm. These are going to be fun to play with, use in art projects and to wear on bracelets or ribbons.


  1. where do you find these delightful swaps?? I would love to know so I can join in sometimes :)
    can you email me when you find them?

    I keep checking Gemmas house.. is it closed again?
    the charm collection is delightful, I totally understand how Tillie was mesmerized, she is a faery girl after my own heart

  2. How fanciful and fun these are.

  3. okay... this is my third comment. so goofy. don't know what i did. ha.ha.

  4. How great these charms are and what fun! Yes they can be used in a lot of projects. Enjoy. Got to go now and write my list before I leave again. Take care.

  5. How lovely, Gemma! I bet you had fun creating your own charms to send into the world, too. I find the partially painted white rose charm and the pocket watch too adorable. Amazingly creative artists. :)

  6. They are so cool! It must have been a big job to coordinate this swap.

  7. Those are so cool! It looks like a fun project to have participated in. I like your heart charms.

  8. Sounds like your Grandaughter is very lucky to have a fun Grandma. Tractors zoom back and forth here. Your fish picture seems interesting. How cool! That would be neat to see. Have a great weekend.

  9. What a fun swap. And such lovely treasures. I can understand Tilly being fascinated by them..!
    big hugs