Saturday, April 17, 2010

There is a pink bath tub at gemmashouse

When the mood hits me,when I want to take special care of my body,mind, and spirit.
Nothing works better for me than a warm bath with oil and lavender blossoms in it.
Candles are lit on the adjacent pillar and soft music plays on the portable CD player.
My private time.
Time to recharge.
Time to breathe deeply.
Gently exfoliate my skin.
Think positive.
Occasionally, I'll have something bubbly to drink, but
if I'm detoxing a glass of cool lemon water fits the bill.
I'd love to bring a book into the bath with me...and at times I do.
However they get a little soggy...even though I try to keep them dry.
Besides I need to spend my bath
caring for myself.
I'm worth it!
This kind of self care is priceless
and does not cost a cent!


  1. That's a beautiful pedestal. You described the perfect bath! I love spending some time relaxing in the bath with candles and soft music. No matter what, I always feel so much better.

    I hope you're feeling better.

  2. ahhh..lovely! I miss a bathtub... I don't have one:( in my little downstairs bath)

  3. I so love baths and look forward to them every day. The bad part is that I never can seem to relax in them and just melt and enjoy. Always feeling the need to get it done and over with. The lavender oil sounds just exquisite!

  4. I agree. Warm water is very comforting. You're right about self care. I've never been good at it, but I'm getting better. It makes us better for ourselves and for those we love.

  5. You are worth it! And as Janet said, you have described the perfect bath. As much as I tend to mess up my books with folding down the corners, placing them face down, spilling food on them, having dogs slobber and get dirt on them, I don't take them in the bathtub!