Friday, April 30, 2010

Magical Moment

Painted Lady
Today on a grassy field in the schoolyard, I experienced the most magical moment.

While standing with a group of students who were releasing the butterflies they had raised in the classroom,one of the butterflies flew around and down and landed on my shirt. What a thrilling feeling of utter delight. After a few seconds the butterfly flew up,around my head and landed on my shoulder. Granted there were 5 butterflies released. They were just beginning their life as butterflies and didn't know any better. It was still an amazing and beautiful thing. The students were delighted as well. It was the talk of the lunchroom.

Never in a million years would I have ever dreamed a butterfly would choose to land upon me....not once but twice.

Painted Lady Butterfly photograph from the internet


  1. They were just beginning their life as butterflies and didn't know any better
    Oh they knew alright.. they knew that this was a sign for you and we both know it was a sign from Daisy [another from our tribe].. Daisy in Spirit, me here in the southern hemisphere & you in the northern.. a perfect triangle, don't you think?
    love you !! xo

  2. Gemma, they sensed your inner beauty and they went straight to you. Have a great weekend. Beautiful butterfly.

  3. '''if a butterfly lands by your ear,
    the best good fortune for one year'''


    either you
    or the butter
    will be happy for the next 365 days...

    here is hoping it is U...

  4. I can't believe a classroom raised butterflies! How magical in and of itself. To have them land on you? Hope that brings all kinds of good luck!

  5. Oh, I love that, Gemma. I'd be floating for days. That is truly a magical moment, and I suspect that butterfly knew exactly what it was doing, as Miss R says. It's not so young, after all; you forget the caterpillar days.

    I was thrilled a few days ago to get "inspected" by a butterfly up close (no landing, just fluttering), but then F., that scientist and practical soul, said, "Well, you're wearing a bright orange shirt. It probably thought you were a big flower and it had hit the nectar motherlode!" But then he did confirm that I was a bit sweet, so the butterfly was not entirely misguided. ;)

  6. What a wonderful experience, Gemma! I would have been thrilled too and, like Meredith and Robyn, I believe it knew exactly what it was doing too ~ :)