Monday, April 26, 2010


Outside my window...the sun is slowly setting

From the kitchen...tortillas and green chilli.

I am reading...Sacred Hearts.
It's historical fiction.
The year is 1570 in Ferrara Italy. Love the time and place.
This is the third book I've read by Sarah Dunant.
Loving this one.

I am hoping...all of you are peaceful and contented. Have a good week.


  1. Thank you Gemma. I am going to go outside and see the moon. Sounds like a great evening. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. My mom is slowly recuperating, thank you for asking. :D Take care.

  2. Love the cover art on the book! Your house always sounds fun AND peaceful! I want to come live with Gemma.

  3. I have to admit, I do judge a book by its cover
    I love historical fiction...I putting this on my list for sure!
    Thanks :)
    xox, Lisa

  4. Beautiful little slice of life, Gemma. Thanks for the book recommendation! Seems like I have read a work by Ms. Dunant, but now I cannot recall the title -- that's either a sign I didn't enjoy it much, or a sign I read the back cover and then didn't actually buy it, or (most likely) a sign my memory is going with age, LOL. ;)

  5. OMG LOVE Sarah Dunant! Didnt know about this one. Thanks for posting. Did you read The Birth of Venus? If not you will love that Dunant book. Another good historical Italian novel is The Miracles of Prato, Laurie Albenese and Laura Morowitz.

  6. Sounds like a perfect day! I'm going to have to put that book on my summer list! I love historical fiction!

  7. Oh, I heard about the moon last night, but I was already in bed . . .

    If you recommend her books, maybe I'll start one in the summer, after the busy semester is done.

    Peace, my friend.

  8. Hi Gemma,

    Hope your having a good week. Enjoy the full moon. The night before last we stayed out late in the garden thanks to the full moon. It was beautiful.

  9. That looks like a good read.
    I must start reading books with
    gentler, [if that is the right word,] content.
    I seem to be obsessed with murder mysteries at the moment, that and true crime.
    I have had a good week, probably the best one for a year. Things are improving slowly but surely.
    Love you lots and thanks for your friendship and support dear Gemma..!
    big hugs

  10. Gemma, I love Sarah Dunant. I got this book from the library Tuesday then decided I want to own it so am taking it back and ordering it from my book club.

  11. Bonjour my friend... Ijus finished The Lovely Bones.