Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome Spring

The first day of spring! New beginnings at gemmashouse.
Come see me there.
Things going on at my real house as well.
The men:
hb Lee, Son Gabe,
BIL Dan are all working on a new patio roof.
Luckily Dan is a contractor so he knows what he is doing.

There is:
a gaping hole
sturdy ladders
wonky ladders
hammers flying
dogs barking
roofing on the lawn
head scratching
grandchildren running around
chicken frying
me wanting to pay homage to the order in the universe.


  1. It sounds like a lot of fun Gemma and you sound excited and happy and I'm happy for you. I love the painting, "gemmashouse" on your sidebar. Have a great Sunday and may your cup overflow with love.

  2. Yay Gemma;s House.. I went there. THere's a hole.

  3. Yeesh, you made me laugh. Methinks the blood is a tad scary. Hoping all goes well and everyone still loves each other in the end! The fried chicken will help! LOL

  4. Stay centered!

    (Sounds fun though.)

  5. Blood! Oh, no! But everything else sounds fun and delicious. Fried chicken - YUM!

  6. Ah Men...just when you've given up all hope...they come through :)
    I love the photo...bricks, wood, cacti, pottery...
    very pretty!

  7. Thanks for giving me a little giggle, Gemma. A fried chicken, children playing, wobbly paths to the sky, a little blood and a hole in the roof... sounds just about right. ;)

    My physicist husband was recently reminding me that there has to be an equal amount of chaos in the universe to end up with this exquisite order we perceive...

  8. Happy Spring to you, Gemma....and remember to focus on the serenity amidst the chaos...hehe ~ :)