Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Following the Masters

This month we are Following the "old Masters" of the Italian Renaissance.

In Leonardo's notebook there are some studies he did using red pencil on creamy colored paper. I love the palette and decided to try it.

Using a creamy pink paper with a flowered pattern on it, I drew an image of an angel from one of his paintings.

Wish it was better but...
The challenge was fun.


  1. I do recall his red pencil drawings. I think it looks great Gemma. Your artistic talents are always great. How's your roofing coming along? All done? Have a great Wednesday.

  2. I'd forgotten about those red-line drawings of his. Good work, Gemma. Her eyes are lovely. :)

  3. Nice job with this one. I love seeing these challenges you have been doing.

  4. I think the drawing is very good, Gemma. So good in fact that I can recognize her as one of the angels in the Baptism of Christ painting. Awesome job girl! xoxoxo

  5. OH, this is beautiful, Gemma....wonderful job!

  6. I Love this...I also forgot about the red pencil drawings. Yuors is wonderful!