Tuesday, March 16, 2010

~Art Saves~

Round Robin Book
Made from recycled ephemera.

My cover made from old levi's,lace,and an altered pencil drawing I'd done.
Inside is the remains of an old folder with a place for the artists to put their cards and sign in tags. I used old paper,some collage bits that were a gift from Violette,(Raven and hand) papers from Nat'l Geographic magazine,a key,stars,fleur de lis, some lace,beads and glitter of course.
Inside page has pink tulle and lace and Mucha image.
(Sorry about photo quality didn't use macro)
Every Girl Everywhere is a Princess.
Now my round Robin Book is in the mail and ready for other artists to add pages to it.There are 9 artists participating in this.
Soon I'll receive another artists book to work in and pass on. Will post the progression here. Eventually my Book will come home to me.


  1. very nice beginning! you are recycling and saving lots!
    I can look forward to working in this book eventually! What fun!
    Yes, I love the pink!

  2. it is beautiful!!!!
    and love that face in the cover very much
    I can't wait to see it and touch it

  3. It looks beautiful, Gemma....it will be exciting to see all the added pieces of art from other artists when you get it back. What a treasure it will be ~

  4. Looks great, These books are always so much fun to do...

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  6. If I could type correctly, I'd be a happy camper ... sorry about the deleted comment above!

    Here's what I meant to say ...

    What fun! I've never heard of that before ... We've done the Flat Stanley thing at school ... but this is GREAT!
    You are sooooooo talented! I wish I had 10% of your ability!

  7. Hi, Gemma, I guess you and Lila and Carmen thought I wouldn't like to participate. That makes me sad. I had such great pleasure working on the first round robin.

  8. I did want so much to have joined in the fun but with all that is happening I would not have had the time. That is great work Gemma. I love the idea of levi/lace and pockets. How fun.

  9. This is so juicy and delightful looking! I can't wait to hold it in my hands. Beautiful!!