Friday, March 26, 2010

All in a days work
in our school library....

This morning the cutest sweetest little pygmie goat found it's way onto our school campus. Adding new duties to my job description.

Job description:
~Greeter (big smile)
~Check library books and materials in/out
~assist staff and students locating needed materials
~read children stories
~a shoulder to cry on
~carpenter(shelf building)
~Plumber/ maintenance
~computer stuff
~mouse trapper (yes we have a library mouse)
~assist with pygmie goats that wander on campus

No one knows where she came from.
Right now the goat is in the Principals office.
Agriculture animal rescue people will pick her up this afternoon.

Wish I could take her home.


  1. What a little darling. Really? I wonder how it got on campus? None the less, it is a sweetie pie and the good thing is that it inspired you to do a lot of things.

  2. Hey there she's lovely.

    I've moved and consolidated.


  3. Oh my gosh, Gemma. That line about this little beauty being in the principal's office cracked me up. Poor thing. What an adventure she (or he) found herself on! I must say that I do love your job description. I should have majored in library science. I so love books...and organization...and books...

  4. How cute! Just wanted to let you know Im having a free giveaway. Visit my blog for details. Have a good weekend!

  5. Ha! Well, I bet that broke up any boredom in your day. Did you show her Mary Had A Little Lamb?

  6. I wonder how the principal's office will look in the morning?

    So cute, wow. Be thankful. My friend worked at a city university library, and believe me, the beings who walked in off the street were not this cute. You know, broken vodka bottles in front of the reference desk, etc.

  7. You never know what the day will bring, do you, gemma? That is a story that you all will be telling for a long time!
    Poor thing, I feel sorry for her, but she was lucky to be with you!

  8. What a little sweetie pie, the cute little goat! Good thing you're in charge as it seems to me you'll see to it that no harm comes to the poor dear.

    Thanks so much for your birthday wishes and compliments on my journal pages! So sorry it took me so long to reciprocate a visit. Been crazy this month. I'm so glad I joined up for our journal project because, truly, Art has been Saving me!


  9. Hey, my first comment never went through. Oh, well, all I said was that Blogger wasn't showing pictures this morning, so I would have to come back later. Now Blogger is cooperating and I am thrilled to see the pic. PS - I love your librarian's duties list!