Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gothic English novels

Inspiration avenue has a unique theme this week. We were asked to create something that
evokes a feeling or represents  English literature. In many of the gothic novels I have
read such as Wuthering Heights, Rebecca, Jane Eyre,to name a few, there is usually a full moon,
a rocky outcrop, a craggy coastline, stormy seas and a dark mysterious old house sitting on a hill.
This is my entry into IA this week. It was fun. To see the other entries go here.
Now back to my book.


  1. Great wave drawing and this one really reminds me of Rebecca... which is one of my favourites... it was a fun challenge wasn't it...xx

  2. You captured the Gothic novels perfectly with this painting! I can almost hear the waves crashing against the rocky shore and feel the wind blowing my hair (well, maybe not MY hair!)

  3. Oh my! This is so dreamy, so magical! Excellent job, Gemma! Oh to draw/paint on this level!

  4. Gemma this is just perfect - in fact, I'm sure I can see Heathcliff and Cathy being chased by Dracula (on a visit to Northumbria) - and there goes Jane Eyre getting all wet and feverish as she learns the truth about Mr Rochester...

  5. Many of the English novels were set in places like you represented in this piece. You did true justice to this theme. I love it, and your painting, too.

  6. I love your big wave under the full moon :).
    Stay inspired!