Saturday, October 29, 2011

 This diamond Harlequin page I made is from a Round Robin altered book with a Masquerade theme. 
There are lots of sparkles and feathers and very bright colors in this treasure of a book compiled by friends.
 Inspiration Avenue is having a Masquerade Ball this week I want to share this Fleur de Lis party favor there.
Please visit IA to see more party guests and their disguises.


  1. oohh....
    harlequin & fleur de lis
    you cannot go wrong!

    {{ yes yes yes
    diamonds & flowers
    always certain winners
    in my book }}


    i have never truly
    been to a Masquerade Ball.
    there is something
    about mask~wear
    that unsettles me
    a bit...


    {{ however,
    i shall follow your links
    without trepidation }}

  2. mask WEARING...

    {{ good grief!
    even the thought of it
    me lose my grammar }}

  3. I love a good Fleur de Lis and this is just lovely xx

  4. I love altered books and your page for this submission is perfect!

  5. Love the colors and the's perfect for a Masquerade Ball theme.

  6. Oh how pretty I love the colors you chose and the fleur de lis was a brilliant touch!

  7. Wonderful! I really love your color choice. :)