Saturday, September 17, 2011

paper play and hot spiced tea

In Arizona we don't get typical autumn weather like much of the North America gets.
Our fall weather is mild.
It feels cool to us after a blistering hot summer.
We do get lovely colorful show on the trees in the cooler regions of our state.

Locally we are content to enjoy a change in the sunlight,
our harvests of chiles, corn and greens,
We also enjoy our autumn flowers
such as geraniums and marigolds.
On a day like today

playing with paper
hot spiced tea.


  1. Our autumn is much the same here. I've been noticing the change in the sun's path and we've had a bit of a cool down the past few days.

    Your girl is so cute and I like your warning!

  2. Love this page, Gemma! Your words are just always so warming and this was no exception!

  3. wellll
    i am waiting out a mildish
    nor'easter, over here
    down here
    in florida...

    this is such a perfect combo-->
    """playing with paper
    hot spiced tea"""

    i am enjoying
    earl grey
    with my
    this very moment...

    {{ This
    Moment }}

  4. I'm drinking my iced tea here, since our autumn weather is rather similar - yippee, the temp dipped down into the 90's! (Though I imagine we are still somewhat cooler than Arizona).
    Is that from 'Wreck This Journal?' I've been wanting to try that out, for awhile. Love the sweet face. xOx

  5. I bought wreck this journal just a few weeks ago. maybe oneday when I stop moving, I will get a chance to do something like this! enjoy your mild fall.. we are heading for spring! xo

  6. p.s. After letting it sit tarnishing all summer, I finally gave my copper tea kettle a good scrubbing this morning, Thought of you and your hot tea, when I saw today that clouds are forming. Could be a storm a-brewing - meaning time to brew some proper tea...