Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer reads

Just finished reading Distant Hours. It's about some insane old spinster twins who live in a castle. There is a Mudman who lives in the moat. He climbs up the castle walls. OOOoooo murder and mystery.  Liked it!
Before that I read Julia Child's book My Life In France.
Loved it ! She was an interesting character, a great cook and writer,her own woman,very opinionated, spoke several languages. Every time she moved to a new country she learned the language. What a concept!
Loved some of her opinions and political views.
Go girl!
Usually I have several books going at a time.
Another great book that is on going is True Balance by Sonia Choquette.
I've been reading it all this summer and  I'll probably still be looking in at this one through out the year.

Now I have started another book. 
It is one I have read before.
I will be joining a friend who is also reading the book.
We walk the earth path and sometimes we need reminders of our earth centered values.
This book is about grounding your spirit in the rhythms of nature.
The Earth Path calls to me over and over.
So I joyfully picked it up again today.
Then the mail came.
A letter and reminder that I have to go back to work next week.
July 25th
back to the library.
And more



  1. I have True Balance.. and I read it and read it.. but then I read somewhere that our feet chakras are the one we must connect to Earth.. looking forward to Earth Path. I love Starhawk. !!

  2. That top book has my interest! Wonder if the library has it????

  3. I'm always on the lookout for books to add to my reading list. I enjoyed the Julia Child book, too. I've read some of Starhawk's work but not this one. I think if I worked in a library I'd never get anything done except reading!!

  4. I have Distant Hours and The Earth Path but have not read them yet, but I am looking forward to both of them. What a great selection that is. I am a big book lover. Are you on Goodreads? Its great site.