Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Song of Bernadette

 One of my favorite poems is the Song of Bernadette, written by Leonard Cohen.
The poem is about  Saint Bernadette Soubirous,
who, from February to July 1858 in Lourdes, France,
reported 18 visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
The poem inspired this painting :

The Song of Bernadette
There was a child named Bernadette
I heard the story long ago
She saw the queen of heaven once
And kept the vision in her soul
No one believed what she had seen
No one believed what she heard
But there were sorrows to be healed
And mercy, mercy in this world

We've been around, we fall, we fly
We mostly fall, we mostly run
And every now and then we try
To mend the damage that we've done
Tonight, tonight I just can't rest
I've got this joy in my breast
To Think that I did not forget that child
That song of Bernadette

So many hearts I find, broke like yours and mine
Torn by what we've done and can't undo
I just want to hold you, won't you let me hold you
Like Bernadette would do
~ Leonard Cohen 

This is my entry to Inspiration Avenue
for this week.


  1. I feel that this work is a gift, the best gift, from a friend who can see my soul, but never met my person. I love you, Gemma, and I thank you. She is beautiful. And Leonard is one of my all time favorites...I love his voice too. ♥♥♥

  2. What a gorgeous painting, Gemma! How did you get those brilliant sparkles into this one?

  3. I found such peace visiting your page today Gemma. Beautiful!

  4. There is absoluutely nothing I don't like by Leonard Cohen. Your painting is a perfect complement to his mood.

  5. What a beautiful painting of Bernadette - it compliments the poem by Leonard Cohen. I expecially love the colors that you chose for this painting.

  6. Wonderful painting complimenting this Leonard Cohen song!

  7. Leonard Cohen would be proud. Bernadette really shines, almost with an inner glow. This is a very special work of art. And I'm loving that I can finally post comments on your blog again.

  8. Just delightful and the painting is wonderful.

  9. What a serene and beautiful painting. I love her soulful face. The poem is so comforting, and your painting is a perfect companion to it.

  10. Wow..what a super-beautiful post..gorgeous gorgeous art and poem!!Wonderfully magical!!!

  11. Wonderfully uplifting - your painting illustrates the words beautifully, she looks so pure and spiritual.

  12. A lovely image Gemma. Uplifting and beautiful.

  13. A beautiful heart hugging entry Gemma wonderful and unforgettable.

  14. i LOVE leonard cohen - a true poet! and i ADORE your delicately powerful response to it... thank you :)