Monday, July 11, 2011

Homemade Serpent

Save used bottle caps of different colors
Poke a hole through the center
String them on a wire
Make a 5 foot snake with alternating colors of caps
Finish with button-bead-button-bead tail
Viola!! A serpent you don't have to fear.

What will I do with it?
It really is pretty.
Perhaps I'll wear it out someplace funky.
It's bendable I can wrap it around things in my house.
The children want to play with it....
Probably I'll hang it in my art room.
Fun huh?


  1. Now that's a snake I like! And no one ever hears me say that!!

  2. Fun indeed! Of course, I'd never have thought of it. You always amaze me with your fun spirit and creativity, Gemma!

  3. cool. this is cool.

    where have you been hiding this blog? where have *i* been?

  4. the possibilities are endless...look out!

  5. Love this. Was at a friend's are opening a few months back and she had done something very similar. Really love this.