Saturday, July 23, 2011

All in the family

This is supposed to be my niece. A delightful girl. A fun girl to play cards with at family gatherings.
She is a natural redhead with lots of freckles. A real spark plug!
A while back she used bleaching cream to get rid of her freckles.
I wonder why, because her freckles are really cute. Angel kisses.
She tried lots of beauty tricks as we wanna be diva girls sometimes do.
Once she glued fake fingernails on with superglue,then she painted them bright red.
She wanted to look "cool" for the first day of school.
She laid down while her nails were drying and fell asleep.
Unfortunately blanket fuzzies got stuck on her fingernails.
Frustrated, she used fingernail polish remover to get the blue blanket fuzzies off of her red nails.
However the nail polish remover had a chemical reaction with the fake fingernails.
They curled up corroded and funky looking, and still had fuzzies on them.
Super glued on tight!
Yeah she looked real cool on the first day of school.

No names mentioned to protect the innocent.


  1. She sounds like fun! And I love her freckles....and your painting of her.

  2. So something I would do! Love her mouth shape; I always wanted a mouth shaped just like that. She reminds me a wee bit of Lauren Holly and also the actress who played Becker's doctor girlfriend for awhile on that show (so pretty!). Can't remember her real name but I do think she was with Clint Eastwood in real life for awhile.

  3. lol...sounds like a story from my life! Takes time to be happy with what God gave you...I'm still working on it! ♥♥♥

  4. Great sketch! The poor thing, she must have been so bummed out over that incident. I've had a few of those, myself growing up. They make for good stories now, though! I think natural redheads, with their fair skin and freckles are such beauties.