Thursday, February 24, 2011

That was then

Found this old photo of me taken many years ago....back in the day.....
when I was a hippie girl..... ..
smoking and drinking, playing in the sun and not taking care of myself ...
"Everything in excess" was my motto
Believe me I have earned every wrinkle I have today!
Just sayin'


  1. You sure are a beauty Gemma! Are you of German descent, by chance?

  2. We all had that long hair and I wore jeans all the time and I remember wearing a red/white/blue shirt that said VOTE till it fell apart. Now my hair is short and a little gray and wrinkles abound. I guess even hippie girls grow up. :) Love the photo and the hair.

  3. Oh geez, what a picture. Your beautiful! Heck I still wear the jeans, the caps, bandanas, long skirts, my converse. I still do it all...EXCEPT the smoking and drinking. I have a glass of wine now and then and sometimes even a mixed drink here at home of course. You look fine gemma, then and now. Have a great day, just going out the door to exercise and it is raining. Take care.

  4. And every wrinkle is filled with your beautiful smile. And I should know. ((( )))