Saturday, January 8, 2011


The theme this week at Inspiration Avenue is:
What color "does it" for you right now?
For me the color is rust
Rusty old iron pots. There are 3 in my yard. They are very heavy and hard to move. In the past  they were beautiful with herbs planted in them. Now they are empty. I have used them for small fires during parties and chilly mornings outside with my coffee.

I also
love turquoise and rust together,
the colors on my blog post today.
What colors are speaking to you?
Do you dream in color?


  1. cool love it and how you expressed it!!!

  2. Turquoise and rust look beautiful together.
    I love a whole rainbow of colors, but violet blue purple and peacock green, especially. Have a beautifully colorful weekend,Gemma!

  3. I love rust! it is one of my most favourite colours.. I have lots of it in my garden and home :)

  4. you've described my car, Gemma, lol!
    but you are right...beautiful colors.
    I love the idea of a little fire to sip coffee by...too cold and windy and snowy here tho :)

  5. Reds right now, intense Tuscan reds. A little fire in those rusty beautiful pots sounds very fun. I would love to do that with a coffee in hand. I like the greens/blues of your blog today. Have a great Sunday.

  6. Love your colors, love your pictures. Fire outside on a chilly morning to sit there with your coffee? I love that!!

  7. Always dream in color. I can picture you with your coffee and warming fire in one of these beauties, Gemma. What a spirit you are!

  8. Ooh I LOVE rust - I often get funny looks for taking photos of old rusty gates and things! Lovely choice, especially with teal!

  9. Love the rusty look, these would make awesome backgrounds for ATCs!

  10. Awesome..gorgeous post...I love the turquoise resut combo verigris and copper as well..beautiful post!
    I dream in all colors..they capture me!!lately thought..blues and greens!

  11. Rust and blues! Rust and greens! Rust is a thoughtful color, causing me to think of times gone by, old rusty rememberances!

  12. Gemma,

    I'm in a RR and my theme is rust. You couldn't have picked a better color for this challenge, and the accompanying photos are superb, too. You have inspired me.

  13. I like the vintage look that the rust patina creates

  14. I'm with you on the rust and the turquoise....great colors and great together.