Sunday, January 2, 2011

Opening the door

Door in Taos, New Mexico photo by Gina Santi
Wanting to live happily in my own skin
and to follow my true heart,
to be led by my spirit
and not my ruthless critic ego.....

I embark upon a journey
through another door,
and into a new year
with positive intentions and a prayer.

Carrying in some wood
and cedar chips for a fire.
It's chilly in Arizona tonight.
Please come in
tell me about your plans.


  1. my plans for the year? hmmm... embrace the Hecate part of me * to walk humbly. to ponder, to pray.

  2. My plans for the year is to walk through that door in my dreams and light a fire and cozy up with a warm intoxicating drink. Actually gemma I'm thinking on this question as I type and probably by the end of the week I may have come up with what my plans are for the year. Take care, ::hugs::

  3. I LOVE that photo...of course, I'm a sucker for blues and terracotta tones. Great poem, Gemma! To be led by spirit instead of ego...definitely! I plan to focus on mind, body and spirit throughout 2011 and incorporate daily art where I can.

  4. I think I stepped into a new door when I entered your blog today. It looks so different and made me think of spring. I have a few lofty goals, but none as worthy as yours, I'm afraid. A lovely post for the IA challenge.

  5. To be lead by your true heart and spirit rather than your inner critic is a goal I think well worth borrowing from you!

  6. I love it too, Mz. G. I also really, really like doorway photos, paintings, etc. This one has lots of feeling and provokes my vivid imagination. It's like I've been there. Or at least felt the emotions that take place behind that door.

    Thanks for your get well message. :) xoxo

  7. If we don't open the new door, we will deprive ourselves of many, many things. Thank you for inviting me in to join you. It is warm and welcoming inside, and I feel at peace!

  8. Being happy in one's own skin sounds good to me! Happy New Year Gemma x

  9. I share your sentiments Gemma.
    Live and let be...will be my mantra for 2011

  10. working on long held fears this year and learning to let go a little. it's an ongoing process.

    Happy New Year!.


  11. My plans for 2011 are simple - focus on the word "finish". I have much that I have started, some of it decades old and packed away. This year is the year of either finishing these projects or being finished with holding on to them. I feel a lightening of "stuff" already.

  12. p.s. The columns on the entrance are so unexpected. The contrast in style with the adobe(?) house lends a sense of humor and laughter and a promise of more within.