Saturday, January 22, 2011

Matinee de Septembre

This week the Inspiration Avenue challenge: What is your favorite month?
Loving all the months....
I will choose my birth month.
Born in the morning on a September 30th....

This lovely painting of a nude maiden by French painter Paul Chabas
is entitled Matinee de Septembre or September Morn.
It is altered here with colors and texture for Inspiration Avenue.

My mother told me she loved this painting because of my birth hour.
I had a poster of it when I was a young woman.
The image stays with me....though many years have past.
It is one of sweetness and innocence that comes with the morning.


  1. It's a lovely painting and one I'm not familiar with....although I, too, was born on a September morning.

  2. It is a great painting. Morning time is the best.

  3. Lovely painting, for a lovely woman. I love that you blog so much, so many of the gps don't anymore and I miss that interaction. A happy weekend to you....

  4. Beautiful painting to use for this week's theme- perfect! And I love the story behind it!

  5. What a gorgeous painting and a perfect story of Gemma and her mom!

  6. It is a lovely painting, and I adore what you've done with the original image, the aging and richness you've given it! Wonderful submission!

  7. I love the effects and texture...making a beautiful painting fresh and new! It's beautiful!

  8. What a beautiful painting! I love the mornings at any time of year, but I can just picture the coolness of a September morning with a hint of daytime heat to come!

  9. dear gemma,
    i too love mornings. there is something holy about the softening light still strung with stars and opening oneself to all the day will hold.
    of one thing i am certain...
    my days are brighter knowing you.

  10. I love your submission and because of it, you have made me re think September!

  11. My daughter's B day is September 28. For that reason, I love September.

  12. What an absolutely perfect post. The way you altered the photo, and your reason behind picking it, as well as the month, are super. This is a lovely IA Challenge piece.