Sunday, January 16, 2011

Drifting on the weekend and into the week......
Today I play~
Tomorrow Nature girl and I are going hiking. It will be a moderate trail with good views.
Looking forward to seeing her, and having a nice long chat. She has recovered a bout with cancer and is doing well. Her motto: Faith not Fear.~
Tuesday through Friday I'll be drifting back to work.~
Will honor MLK~
Hoping to do some art~
Eat delicious food~
Enjoy special moments~
Extend kindness to myself as well as others~
Spend some time with family~
Wishing a lovely week to all of you as well~


  1. Wonderful you get to hike with Anna. Take me with you in spirit please! xoxo

  2. enjoy that hike. xoxo and your week plan sounds just about perfect to me :)

  3. Wonderful art Gemma. I feel like I am flying with no purpose so this was a great image to see. Great that you and Anna can get together. Did I tell you my sister is in Phoenix again. She'll be there all winter, the two of you should get together this time.


  4. Gemma that painting looks like a young you! Very sweet....enjoy your time!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. So many things to look foward to...enjoy it all!

  6. Oh to wear that expression on my own face!!

  7. Drifting can be so lovely! Your art shows us that!
    Enjoy your hike with Naturegirl!

  8. Have a wonderful day tomorrow, Gemma. If you think about it, please say hello to Anna for me.

  9. you fill me...
    thank you gemma.