Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ponderings and joy

Here we are it's Decembers end 2010.
What have I accomplished?
My art projects never live up to my expectations.
I did make art this year
 I worked in a couple of altered art collaborations...With beautiful altered books as a result.
 I joined Inspiration Avenue for many of their weekly challenges. That has a major boon to my actually doing art. So often in the past I could not find my muse. Inspiration Ave welcomed me into their artsy,cozy place to share. Thank you so much IA.
Also I have been working on a Paint and Pass collaboration with my glitter sister friends.
I have found JOY through my art. That is a big accomplishment I think!
Where do I want to go with my art in 2011?
~ I have joined a sketchbook challenge
~Plan to continue Inspiration Avenue
~Will enter Virtual Paint-out and other challenges that interest me.
~Will be on the lookout for projects where I can contribute to benefit others
~I will be pleasured to do One World One Heart again in January.
(check sidebar for details on this and other projects)
 What do I anticipate for the new year?
More JOY.
That is also my wish for you.
Happy New Year Bloggeristas!!!!!


  1. You did a lot Gemma. I congratulate you! Yes tomorrow we end the month and begin a new year. Thank you amiga!My how time does fly. I hung up your paintings today in my studio and thought of you as I was doing so. I also looked at other paintings on the wall from blogger friends and am very grateful to have met each one. I am glad I met you and have enjoyed reading your posts and learning more about you. I plan to do the same next year. HAPPY NEW YEAR'S Gemma.

  2. Great post. I am with you about Inspiration Avenue. I have just begun to open up to my art journey and have learned so much from you and others there. Great goals and thoughts for the new year resolutions. Wishing you much joy!! And see you on IA.. take care.

  3. when you stumble upon these wonderful projects..can you tell me .. pretty please? you always find the best things xo

  4. I enjoyed this post very much. I love how you looked back and forward.

    You accomplished much last year. Did I say last? I can't believe it's over. I think I found you about a year ago. I've thoroughly enjoyed your art and your words.

    I wish you success in all that you do and great joy in the New Year, Gemma!


  5. I like the variety of work from 2010 that you posted. I remember that second picture, it has always been one of my favorites.

    IA is a great motivator for me too.


  6. Dear Gemma,
    Thanks for linking this joyful post to Share the Joy Thursday. I am amazed at how much creative work you've done this year -- and I think you might not take enough time to stop and say, "Wowza Woman! You're amazing!" So give yourself a little love. (And I'd love to have you join us every week, because I think noticing joy in your life creates more of it.)

  7. Gemma, it has been a pleasure to share in your art over at The Avenue - it gave me such a nice feeling to read about how we have helped stir up your creative juice. Thank you!!

  8. I think joy is the best achievement of all! You've made beautiful art this year Gemma, it's been a pleasure to share your work and I can't wait to see where your artistic journey leads you to in 2011!

    Wishing you every happiness, success and even more creative joy for 2011!